Activities For the Kids to do at Home

Creative activities for the kids to do at home when they start saying “I’m bored”

The best activities for kids to do at home

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We are all in this boat. Not only are we all stuck at home, but we are all getting past the “this is fun” stage and rolling into the “I don’t have any idea what to do today” stage!

Today I’m sharing some of the best at home activities from right here on Our Thrifty Ideas that you can do with your kids. Everything from free printables, crafting ideas, and activities that can be done around the house or in your own yard.

Free Printables


This is a fun way to keep the kids entertained while indoors. It was made as part of a Monster themed party, but would be so fun to do on its own. Just print out the big monster and then let the kids use googley eyes, or the printed eyes to play “pin the tail on the donkey” style!

Lace and Trace Peeps printable. This will help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive skills and visual perception skills.

Lace and Trace Peep – These lace and trace activities are serious lifesavers at times in our house. It’s fun to see the kids calm down to focus on how they are going to sew. It is so easy to create and the kids love it.

ABC scavenger hunt printable

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – This is a free printable that you can use as a scavenger hunt. The kids can go around the house/the yard and look for items that start with the letter on the sheet. Learning made fun!

Mend a Monster card game, free printable at

Mend a Monster – A fun game for the kids as they play a monster puzzle. As each monster is cut into thirds, the kids get to either build their own silly monsters, or figure out how to put them all back together.

This is such a fun idea for an Easter or Spring party. Use the free printable provided to create a face on the pudding cups, and put the ears on toothpicks to put in the top!

Easter Bunny Pudding Cups – This is a fun idea to surprise your kids for snack time as Easter is approaching. Print the bunny faces and ears to put on your pudding cups to make these cut little Easter Bunnies.

beach memory game

Beach Themed Memory Game – The kids can play a fun game of Memory while wishing they were at the beach with this free printable game! Just print out, cut and then put the card on cardstock (so you can’t see through the white paper).

Race to the Top – This is a fun game for the kids to play. They can race number against number, or have each child trying to fill their paper all the way up first! They just need to use quick rolling skills along with identifying the numbers.

Color Scevenger Hunt for Kids

Color Scavenger Hunt – Another free printable scavenger hunt that you can do if you go on a walk around the neighborhood. Flowers are just starting to bloom so the kids can be on the lookout for all different colors as they walk.

Activities for around the house

how to make an a-frame tent

DIY Kids Tent – We used a cute twin sized sheet and just a few pieces of wood to create this DIY tent. Plus, no sewing involved which makes this project even better! The kids will love playing, reading, and even sleeping inside this tent during their quarantine indoors!

How to make homemade slime with the kids

Homemade Slime – As much as we, as a combined parent society, hate the idea of slime because of the mess it can make (have you tried getting it out of clothes?!) it can seriously entertain your kids for HOURS both making it and playing with it!

Although the recipe on the slime calls for just one small bottle, take it from me and order a gallon of it…the kids will go through it all!

Zombie Oreo Cookies – Not only is this a delicious treat to make, but the kids will love creating with the fun sugar candy eyes/fangs, and also an edible marker.

Night Games with Energizer Headlights

Toddler Night Games – If you have toddlers at home that aren’t old enough to stay up past sundown, you can close all the blinds and turn off the lights to use headlamps for some in home night games!

Creepy Crawler Drink – This is a fun one to surprise the kiddos with during a meal at home. Take some fun creepy crawlers or some tiny toys and freeze them in some ice cube trays. Then once frozen, you get to put it in their drink for a fun lunch time surprise!

Kids craft ideas

A fun tutorial on how to jazz up inexpensive flip flops with just some scrap fabric

Scrap Fabric Flip Flops – This is a fun project the kids can do by themselves, as long as they know how to tie a knot. They can take a standard pair of flip flops into something extra with these scrap fabric slippers tutorial!

DIY Watercolored T-shirt Tutorial plus how you can make the custom Unicorn design

Watercolor T-shirt – This is one of my favorite crafts I’ve ever done with my kids. Using some iron on vinyl and traditional acrylic paint can create a custom and beautiful shirt!

Pinecone animals craft for kids

Pinecone Animals – If you have access to a pine tree (or you can buy pinecones on Amazon!), you can use the pine cones to create some fun animals! We made a bunny and a bird!

Paper Bag Monsters made by your kids

Paper Bag Monsters – These monsters are not only a fun way for the kids to be creative but you can also use them as a learning experience. The kids can practice their cutting skills, counting by needing to put a certain number of eyes, teeth, hair etc on the bag.

DIY Painted T-shirt Tutorial

Painted Easter Bunny T-shirt – This is an other fun and SUPER easy painted t-shirt tutorial that they kids can even do all the painting all by themselves. Just need paint, pencils and some vinyl to create a stencil!

Such a fun way to turn your child's drawings into a piece of wall art!

Turn your Child’s Art into Wall Art – This is a fun craft turned decor piece. After your little one draws their picture on a large canvas, turn it 3D with hot glue and then finish it off with some spray paint!

FREE kids crafts - DIY necklace made from magazine pages

DIY Kids Necklace – This necklace is made with some imagination using old magazines! Use the brightly colored pages to create DIY beads!

How to make your own music maker for kids

How to make your own music maker – This craft is super easy, IF you were lucky enough to get toilet paper, because it uses an empty toilet paper roll. So as long as you were one of those lucky ones, this music maker will be a hit with your kiddos.

These little monsters are so cute. The kids would love making these out of our empty toilet paper tolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters – Another fun craft to make with the kids if you are lucky enough to have empty toilet paper rolls! The kids love playing pretend with these fun and silly monsters!

use your holiday ship boxes to create a Dusty Crophopper DIY costume for your kids!!

DIY cardboard box airplane – Do you have any extra cardboard boxes laying around from all of your current online ordering? Use them to create these fun airplane “costumes” that the kids can use to fly around the house!

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