DIY Tent & a Slumber Party idea

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how to make an a-frame tent

We LOVE throwing parties, but one thing that is hard, is making sure that everyone is happy and has something to do during the party. Although my kids are too young to have a full on slumber party, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a make shift one – ya know, where we party and then send the kiddos home for bedtime!!! 

So today I wanted to share some fun ideas for your next slumber party. This idea came from Gracie who REALLY wanted to have a tea party with her “friends”. Except this particular time, “friends” meant her dolls! I just love watching her imagination go wild as she interacts and acts things out with her toys. So after her request, we went to work building her a DIY no-sew tea party tent. Once it was complete, she was so excited that she did even invite real friends over, not just the kind that come alive at night.

how to make an a-frame tent

What you’ll need:

4 – 1.5″x.75″ boards cut to 51″ long

1 – .75″ round dowel 48″ long

1 – twin size sheet

4 – sticky back sets of velcro

drill w/ .75″ hole saw attachment

measuring tape

Disney Jr bedding in Walmart

We started by letting her pick out the twin size sheet set that she wanted to use. The flat sheet will be used as the cover for the tent. She loved these Doc McStuffins ones from Walmart, and she now says that she will be using it for her animal hospital too! Bonus! 

steps for making an aframe tent

Start by marking the center of the board, on the 1.5″ side, 4″ down from the top. 

how to steps for making an aframe tent

then using the hole saw attachment on your drill, put a 3/4 inch hole centered right over your marking. Do this on all 4 poles.

cut wood

Attach 2 poles to each end of the pole, and another 2 to the opposite end. The fit should be tight enough that you don’t need to tie them in place.

how to make an a-frame tent

Now drape your sheet over the top of the dowel, with the back corners of the sheet hitting the bottom of the back legs. Now you will attach the velcro to hold the sheet in place. To do this, put one side of the velcro attached to the bottom of the leg. Then put the other end onto the first piece. This is the best way to line up where you want the velcro to hit the sheet. Then press the sheet back into place on the bottom of the leg to hold in place.

Repeat on the opposite back let.

You’ll do the same thing for the front leg, but instead of putting it on the corner of the sheet, drape the sheet over the front of the tent, creating an “opening” door. This will mean you’ll put the velcro about 6ish inches in from the corner.

making a pom pom garland

To make it a little more special, I created a pom pom garland by hot gluing some bakers twine onto the pom poms.

making a pom pom garland

Then I draped it over the top of the tent, and it looks so cute!

how to make an a-frame tent

 She loves having that special place for her and her toys! She pulled out her Minnie Mouse tea set right away and wanted to throw a party for her friends. She can’t wait for our “slumber party” (without the slumber, and just the party in jammies part!) 

throwing a tea party for your next slumber party

 throwing a tea party for your next slumber party

We will be making these fun treat ideas for the tea party too! Check out the recipes:

Almond sugar cookie. The perfect sugar cookie with a hint of almond flavoring. Thick & super soft too. #cookie #recipe The best lemon Popcorn recipe. This popcorn is amazing. The perfect balance of sweet, salty and citrus in one treat. this is such a fun idea for a Halloween Party. Who knew it was that easy to layer colors all in one drink.

Almond sugar cookiesWhite chocolate lemon popcorn layered punch


What would your kids’ dream slumber party be?


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  1. This turned out amazing! I am so excited to make one for Dylan – maybe I’ll give it to her for Christmas!

    Oh and the idea of using the bed sheet is GENIUS!! Thanks!

  2. Attach 2 poles to each end of the pole, and another 2 to the opposite end.

    I am sure this should read, “Attach 2 boards (not poles) to one end of the pole and the other 2 to the opposite end.

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