Shake your MUSIC Maker!!

 The Little Man absolutely LOVES music, dancing, musical instruments…anything that has to do with rhythm. So I figured we would do a craft together that was easy enough for him to help, as well as fun for him to play with after.
And of course….no musical instrument is complete without rocking out to “old school” Brittney Spears!! You’ll see what I mean in the video!

What you’ll need:
  • empty toilet paper roll
  • Fabric Square
  • elbow noodles (or other small/hard objects)
  • scissors
This is so simple. All you do is fill the toilet paper roll with the noodles and then roll it in fabric. Make sure to overlap quite a bit so that the fabric doesn’t move and let the noodles out!




Use a piece of ribbon and tie off both ends as tight to the roll as possible. I did about 5 knots in hopes that William wont get it off!
To complete, cut off the excess material from each end.



How to make your own music maker for kids 




So of course, we had to immediately try it out…
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  1. Love that! I love that it’s so easy and will get some much use.

  2. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    This is a perfect craft for the pediatric patients that I volunteer with to make. Its easy, quick, and entertaining. Thanks for the idea!

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