Painted Easter Bunny T-shirt Tutorial

DIY Painted T-shirt Tutorial

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I love making my kids shirts for Easter. Last year’s shirts were such a hit that they are both still wearing them on a regular basis! I didn’t know how to accommodate Gracie’s request for “using all the colors” on her shirt this year, but after some brainstorming, I’m in love with how it turned out. I’m still trying to figure out one for Will though….I don’t know if anything can beat the nerd bunny shirt!

Using some multi surface paint, pencil erasers and a shape cut out of vinyl, you can easily create a custom and darling t-shirt for Easter or any occasion. 

DIY Painted T-shirt Tutorial


Decide on what you want your shape to be. I picked just a basic bunny silhouette from the Cricut Design Space, but if you wanted you could just freehand your own shape. Cut your shape out of some adhesive vinyl, but pick one that you can remove (so we are NOT using iron on vinyl for this one!)

You are going to use the actual image NOT the outline for your stencil (see how I use the outline as a stencil for this shirt). Place your image where you want it on the t-shirt. I did mine about chest high, dead center.

Now’s the fun part. Start with one color of paint and either pour it onto a plate or dip your pencil’s eraser into the paint bottle until it’s coated with paint. Then dab the paint all around the shape, making sure to focus around the edges of the shape and then spread them out as you go out into the shirt.

Repeat this with each of the colors you’ve picked until every edge of the shape has paint on it, and the dots fade out from there!

Let your paint dry for about 15-20 minutes and then pull your vinyl off, being careful not smudge any of the paint. 

What shape and colors would you use on your shirt?


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DIY t-shirt tutorial

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