Color Scavenger Hunt – Free Printable

Color Scevenger Hunt for Kids

We are going on just over a month of Summer at The Barker House, and although we are loving being out of school, there’s only so long that we can go without hearing the dreaded “I’m bored” phrase. I’ve started compiling and creating a bunch of fun activities that my kids can pull out once I start hearing those words come out of them.

Color Scevenger Hunt for Kids

I thought I would share a fun Scavenger Hunt with you today. I don’t know about your family, but we all tend to be a little competitive; so a little game to create some competition as well as get my kids outdoors is just what we need. I created this color scavenger hunt which is perfect for kids of any age. This is something that my 3 year old can play or something that we could do on a date night!

Color Scevenger Hunt for Kids

The idea behind the game is for each kid to have their paper on a clipboard and start in the same place. Then after determining a set amount of time to go look, they will all run off (of course keep an eye on the little ones) around the neighborhood trying to find as many things of each color as possible. 

Color Scevenger Hunt for Kids

ABC scavenger hunt printable

I have a feeling that the greens, blues, and browns will be easy to find as they are a part of nature. But colors like purple, pink and orange might be a little more tricky. 

Download the Color Scavenger Hunt HERE

Color Scevenger Hunt for Kids

It’ll be fun to see what some kids find and what colors surprise me at being easy.

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ABC scavenger hunt printable
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