Race to the Top Game – Monster edition

This Race to the Top game will help your little ones learn counting and letter recognition all while having fun and coloring at the same time! They won’t even know they are learning.

teach your kids numbers

One of my favorite ways to work on counting and number recognition with my 4 year old is by playing these Race to the Top games with her. She loves to roll the dice, count, and color the squares. Once she rolls the dice, she has to count how many dots are on the side showing, and then find the corresponding number/monster on the chart. Then color one square above that number. The point is to see which number can get to the top the fastest!

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race to the top - monsters

Most of the time this game will become a group thing! Gracie will roll the dice, count and tell her brother which monster it represents. Then her brother will color in the squares!

Click HERE to download the Monster Race To The Top game

Monster Race to the Top Game

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