DIY Wooden Welcome Plaque Tutorial

Make a wooden welcome plaque for your front door for under $15, a fraction of what it would cost to buy it.

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Wooden Welcome Plaque Tutorial

Have you seen those darling wood door hangers all over IG, Jane, Pinterest and other social channels? They are so cute, but my friend just bought one on a discount site for still over $50. Because of how much I like to switch out my decor, I couldn’t justify spending that much.

So when I was at hobby lobby the other day and saw this cute square piece of wood, I knew I could make myself one of the door hangers for a fraction of the cost. I paid just about $8 for the wood, used paint and stain I had on hand, and then added a small vinyl welcome.


Start by taping off your wood. I did mine in the wrong order probably because I started with the stain and after that, the painters tape wouldn’t adhere to it, because it was oil based. I would tape off the paint first, and then do the stained section very last.

While the paint and stain are drying completely, use your vinyl cutting machine to cut out your welcome saying. If you would like to use the same one as me, click here to open it in Design Space.

After it is cut out, weed the excess from the word. Remember inside the L, and E’s! Then transfer it to the transfer tape.

Once the paint is dry, transfer your vinyl onto the board. Once again, because I used an oil based stain, the vinyl would not stick to it so I had to place it on the painted section.

To hang the plaque on my door, I have a 3M command hook placed upside down at the top of the inside of my door. So I tied a knot in the top of the ribbon, and the other end gets stapled to the top of the plaque. Then I draped the ribbon over the door and put the knot over the upside down hook.

I love how it turned out and it cost me under $15 with the cost of ribbon and everything!

What greeting would you put on your plaque?

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