Laundry Room Cleanup + Vinyl on the Washer & Dryer

Spruce up your old laundry equipment with a little custom vinyl

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There is truly no way to explain my excitement over having AN ACTUAL LAUNDRY ROOM in our new house. I’ve had laundry closets in hallways for far too many years. Let’s face it, as a mom of littles I am drowning in dirty clothes and have never ending piles which a small laundry closet just can not contain. So to have a whole room designated to the dirty piles and smelliness that is my life….I’m in heaven!

We have so many “have to’s” that the “want to’s” of this house are not first priority. But I knew that although I have huge dreams for the makeover of the laundry room (see inspiration here), they aren’t going to happen right away. So instead I took to my imagination as well as product I had on hand and got to work giving my laundry room a spring clean-up and personalizing it; which brightens my day when I walk into the room!

Spruce up your old laundry equipment with a little custom vinyl

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Our washer and dryer are coming up on 10 years old. They definitely are not a beautiful piece of machinery….but they have made 3 moves with us and still work marvelous, so why fix it if it aint broken right? So although I love the look of front loader stackables…we have no “need” for them right now. ENTER CUSTOM CUT VINYL DECALS!

You guys, I did so much laundry the day I made this, because I loved walking into my laundry room. Who doesn’t love an excuse to WANT to do more housework…..ok, maybe we don’t go looking for it. But having it be more enjoyable is definitely a bonus.

Wanna know something else that makes it more enjoyable….a hard working detergent that will do all the work for me. You see, my kids play hard, which could mean that I have to work hard to keep their clothes in top notch shape. But let me tell you a little secret….i don’t! Enter Wisk Deep Clean® Original laundry detergent. Wish has a patented blend of Micro-Cleaners® that go on the hunt for your dirty odors and oils deep within your clothes and do the attacking for you! So beyond those visible stains, your clothes are getting those pesky things your eyes don’t even see! That’s why they are celebrating 60 years in business (they were the first liquid laundry detergent!!) I make sure to pick it up at Walmart anytime I’m running low, because I’m much more willing to let it do the work than me do it myself!

Spruce up your old laundry equipment with a little custom vinyl

Now, you wanna know what I’ve done on my laundry room so far? First thing was to get a bunch of those eye sores out of sight. I hope to one day have some custom cabinets in the space, but for now I have some white MDF shelves with doors to hide the randoms! The iron, tissues, and all those other things that aren’t used daily….all got hidden away behind closed doors (my life’s philosophy!)

Spruce up your old laundry equipment with a little custom vinyl

I also had my hamper at the end of the room so that as the door was opened (or left open by the kids who haven’t learned the last 4 billion times I’ve asked them to close it behind them!) the first thing you saw was the pile of dirty clothes. I moved those to the side of the washer and it’s now more hidden between that and the shelves I brought in. 

I still have the shelf that my daily detergents and stuff sit on, but also for all the pants that I don’t dry. There’s not room for a drying rack in the room, so instead I lay them out over the shelf. I also kept the hanging rod, because all I hang all of my husband’s and my shirts….sometimes we use up a lot of hanging space during one laundry day.

But my favorite part of the whole cleanup was adding the vinyl to the front of my machines. It’s random, it’s got pops of color, and it’s everything I love!!!

I used my circut explore to cut out my custom shapes (ya know, circle and triangles!) and did one 12×12 of blue shapes, and a 12×24 of gray. That way the blue was more of an accent/pop of color and not too overbearing. I’m hoping to get some more blue in the room with paint soon!

Spruce up your old laundry equipment with a little custom vinyl

I started by putting the blue vinyl in place, with no rhyme or reason to my placements. I’m not too good at the patterns!

Spruce up your old laundry equipment with a little custom vinyl

After all the blues were in place, I filled in with the gray ones. There were a few that I put down and then didn’t like the placement so I carefully removed and put it somewhere else or scooted it a few inches to the side. I would suggest not scraping them down firmly in place until after everything is where you want it, that way they can easily be moved if needed.

Spruce up your old laundry equipment with a little custom vinyl

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way the vinyl has spruced up the space. 

What have you done to make your laundry room a more enjoyable space?

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**Make sure to follow the directions on all Wisk bottles exactly. Also, check out Wisk Deep Clean® Free & Pure for sensitive skin. 

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