FROZEN movie release with a party & Free printables

 {FROZEN movie party}

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

What? FROZEN came out on DVD this week? Who would have known? Ok, seriously, the craze hit our house just as much as it did most everyone else. So I made sure to be the awesome mom who surprised the kids with the movie on release day, and I also wanted to be the cool mom who did a fun party with the first watch of the movie. Unfortunately these kids of mine could not wait to watch until the viewing party…so they may have watched it 4 times before our party.

It was a good thing that we got to watch it before though. I took that time to talk to William a bit about the movie. We discussed his favorite character, Olaf, and his positive and happy attitude. Will asked me how Olaf could be so happy, and I explained to him that Olaf doesn’t get angry over small things. You see, William has been having a hard time lately with letting little things make him super angry and it will affect his mood for the rest of the day. I know it is partially because of his age, but it was great to point out some of the situations that Olaf goes thru and still stays happy and positive.

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

Anywho, back to the movie and our fab party! After getting the movie and stocking up on some fun treats, we came home and got to work (and by we, I mean me. The kids couldn’t keep their eyes off the movie!). The treats I picked were super simple and easy to prepare. The only one that took planning was the jello cups. And that’s only because they have to set up for 4 hours in the fridge.

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

I cut out the banners and put them on the utensils. It was a fun little detail as they were eating their jello cups.

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

I used the amazing FROZEN merchandise that I bought as a fun backdrop for the display. But they didn’t stay long. The kids have barely let them out of their sight since seeing them. The scenes that have been played out are darling!

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

My favorite part wasn’t my husbands. He told me he felt bad drinking the water with the fun labels on them. Who would drink Olaf?! So I had to tell him that Olaf had his own cloud and would never melt! lol Who knew I’d be explaining that to him and not the kids?

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

Using the “some people are worth melting for” printable, I had a bowl of blue raspberry marshmallows (these are amazing, btw) as well as a bowl of powdered donuts.

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

Each had a paper straw with the printed embellishment on top of it.

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

I also laid one on a plate along with some full size carrots. The kids got a kick out of eating Olaf’s nose!

FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

I also created some fun snowman kits that I shared over at Pretty Providence

Click HERE to download the Do You Wanna Build a Snowman toppers

Click HERE to download the Snowman Kit toppers

Click HERE to download the Frozen Party Pack


FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables

 FROZEN movie party plus FREE printables 

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  1. Super cute ideas – I love frozen!

  2. I love these ideas! Especially the melted snowman and snowman kit. Just pinned it!

  3. So many cute #FROZENFun ideas! Love these! #client

  4. Thank you!!! For all those free printables,I LOVE it!!!!

  5. Tracey Swenson says

    LOVE these ideas!!! What is the white foamy stuff on top of the blue jello?! Looks awesome!! I’m having a Frozen Birthday Party for my twin daughters and your ideas are out of this world incredible!!! especially coming from a non-creative person!! So when I say THANK YOU, I really mean it!! Thanks very much!!!

  6. I just wanted to say thanks for the pintables 🙂

  7. The link you shared does not have the details on what is in the snowman kits. Marshmallows, pretzels, and what else? Thank you!

  8. Sounds like a really fun party. You are so creative! Thanks for sharing these ideas with us at the Inspire Me Monday Link-Up! I should put something like this together for my husband — he’s a big fan of the movie!

  9. What were the items and quantity of them that you put in the snowman kits bags? I can’t seem to find it on here or the other site or am I just overlooking them?

    • Brandi, in each bag I put 6 pretzels, 6 (sometimes more cause they fall/get lost) raisins and 3 marshmallows. That way each bag made 3 snowmen. You could make them differently if you’d like as well!

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