DIY Beaded Mask Lanyard Tutorial

Sick of your kids losing their face mask? Create this DIY beaded mask lanyard that are feminine and colorful.

How to make a DIY mask lanyard with beads

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DIY beaded mask lanyard

How many masks have your kids lost so far this school year? 

My kids’ school gave each of the kids a green lanyard on the first day of school to help them from losing their masks. They just clip the lanyard onto the ear loop so that if they need to remove their mask (for instance, eating lunch) it just hangs from their neck instead of having to keep track of it.

And as useful as their green lanyard is, it is NOT cute! So I decided to make Gracie some cute mask lanyards. They are a mix between a necklace and those glasses cords that hook onto your glasses. I made them out of beads so they are feminine and colorful!

These are super simple to put together. All you need is a little time and some patience. I used really small beads, so I lost quite a few on the ground. Oops!

DIY Mask Lanyard Supplies

Mask Lanyard Tutorial

To start the lanyard, I measure where I want it to hang on my daughter. Then I add about 5 inches to account for looping and tying! Cut that length from your elastic string.

Next you need to attach the lobster clasps. To do that, put 2 crimp beads on the string, followed by one lobster clasp. Next you will loop about 2sh inches of the elastic back down through the crimp beads. Pull the crimp beads up close to the lobster clasps and pull the elastic taught.

Crimp both crimp beads using needle nose pliers. Using 2 crimp beads will ensure if one fails, you have a backup!

how to bead a mask lanyard

You are now ready to string your beads onto the elastic. Do it random, in a pattern, all one color etc. Once your elastic is filled to the other side, minus about 3ish inches, repeat the same thing as the other side; 2 crimp beads followed by a lobster clasp.

beaded mask lanyard DIY tutorial

Now you have little extra elastic pieces on each end. Thread those through your beads as well…a few beads down the string. Then cut off the extra!

Mask Lanyard Tutorial

Look at how cute it is hanging from her neck. To attach it to the mask, just click one lobster claw onto each of the mask ear loops.

DIY beaded mask lanyard

Make multiples of them in all different color schemes, to match their outfits and masks.

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  1. That is a super cute beaded lanyard and such a great way to help kids keep their mask handy!

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