Bleach Dyed Sweatsuit Tutorial

Are you loving the bleach dye trend right now? Don’t spend $100 on a sweatsuit when you can make it yourself! Check out this Bleach Dye Tutorial.

I have a new current obsession and my favorite part is that Gracie and I are doing them together!


  • Colored sweats
  • Toilet Bowl cleaner WITH BLEACH
  • rubber bands
  • plastic gloves

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We found these sweatsuits at Walmart. They are each only $7.96 each so that makes it less than $16 for the set!

Start by bunching your clothes up. We didn’t do a spiral, we just scrunched it all to the middle, making sure to pinch some of the fabric to the top and some to the bottom. The fabric that is on the “outside” of the bunch is what will get the bleach. The stuff tightly tucked into the middle will be safe from being bleached and will remain the same color.

Once everything is bunched together tightly, you will secure it in place with a bunch of rubber bands. Like I said before, the tighter you secure it, the less bleach will seep down into the inside fabric.

The bleach works a lot better after it has been soaked in water. You want to saturate all of the fabric. To do this, we fill the bathtub up a bit with water and then soak the sweatsuit.

We put down a large plastic garbage bag in the driveway, where there is some good direct sunlight, then place the sweats onto it while wet. Take the toilet bowl cleaner and pour it over the top of the fabric.

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this process. Just shake it over the top! Once that side is fully covered, flip over the fabric and repeat the same thing on the other side.

The coolest thing about this process is that you can sit and watch the color bleach out while basking in the sun. Watch your fabric closely and once it turns the color/s you want, it’s time to wash it!

Remove all of the rubber bands from the fabric and reveal your new design.

Wash the fabric according to their wash instructions. Dry them and ENJOY your new bleached sweats.

Bleach Dying TIPS:

Wear gloves – this will prevent your skin from being exposed to the bleach.

As the colors pull out of the fabric, you’ll see multiple colors and shades appear. Gracie’s maroon bleached to grey with some orange-ish rings, and mine bleached to a light pink with fuchsia colored rings! Wash the fabric once it reaches it’s desired colors. That may be with lots of color rings showing, but could also be waiting until all of the color is gone and no rings exist.

More rubber bands = tighter held fabric which will prevent the bleach from seeping into the folds.

Want more of a drip pattern? Don’t bunch your fabric but instead lay it flat after soaking it. Then drip the cleaner over the top of it, creating more of long/lean bleach marks.

Is your fabric not as bleached as you want after you washed it? DO IT AGAIN!! Gracie wanted her sleeves more bleached after we were done, so we did it over again.

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  1. This is a super fun DIY idea. Definitely one I could afford with two girls and me. And way less than buying them all done. Thanks so much for sharing!

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