Pin the Eyes on the Monster – Free Printable

This is a fun “pin the tail on the monster” style party game. This Pin the Eyes on the Monster FREE printable game is fun for a monster themed party or to play at home with the kids. Throwing a kids birthday party is hard work. Every Mom dreads when their child turns a year […]

Back to School – weekly reading time chart printable

Both of my kids will be in school this year….WHAT? how did that happen?! I am really starting to feel old, and if I don’t stop thinking about it I may start to cry over it all! Anyway, I really want to make sure that we have a good routine down so that things run […]

Stay COOL this Summer – Free Printable

This post was previously posted over at One Sweet Appetite. I thought I would share it here, for those who missed it over there.   This will make a perfect gift if you’re kids are just ending the school year, or if you have a summer party, these would make a great take home gift […]


One of my biggest worries of Summer is that my kids aren’t going to be active and spend their time outdoors (like every little kid should!). Especially Gracie loves to just sit and watch Netflix all day. It’s constantly a fight to get her to just go outside and PLAY. So I came up with […]