DIY Team Shirt – My Rivalry Week Gift

Create a DIY team shirt for an upcoming tailgating party or just a game day at home. This DIY team shirt only cost $2 to make. Sometimes you have a friend who cheers for the rivals of your football team….and on rivalry week you just have to do something about that! Well, that week was last […]

Easter Shirts – DIY tutorial

{Easter Shirts} The other day William asked when I was gonna make him a new shirt again. Apparently it’s been a while, and he is missing his unique shirts. So with Easter coming up, I thought it would be so fun to make each of the kids their own Easter Bunny t-shirt. We got just […]

DIY Kids Shower Curtain

I’m really loving coming up with new ways to make this new place our own. Because it’s a rental, we can’t go as far as painting things to brighten or personalize a room, but we have been finding fun ways to do it still. We focused a little bit of time on the kids’ bathroom, […]