Cinnamon Roll Cake

  YUM!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, am I supposed to say more than that in this post? Well, let’s just take a minute to let our mouths stop watering, clean the drool up off the keyboard and put our tongue back in out mouth………………………………………… Ok, now onto the recipe because this thing is pretty self-yummified-explanatory (yup, that’s […]

Raspberry Cupcakes

The other day I was asked to make dessert for family dinner. Of course I said yes, because DUH…who doesn’t love to make a good dessert. Well, apparently I shouldn’t have jumped on board so quick because I had major memory loss lately and didn’t even think about buying stuff at the store to make […]

Green Mint Popcorn

This green mint popcorn is the perfect flavor for fall and would be great at a holiday party! I found the most amazing green mint chocolate chips the other day at the store, and knew that I had to make something with them (before I just ate them all out of the bag!). On Sunday […]

{Recipe} Raspberry & Cream Cheese Parfait

I love fresh fruit (I’m sure you’ve already figured that out), but I also have a major sweet tooth. So when I get the chance to mix the two, I’m in heaven. I made these Raspberry and Nutella Pastry Puffs a while back, and had some extra of the filling. I could not let it […]