Bathroom Reminder Signs

A bit ago, I had the fun opportunity to check out IKEA on their opening day of the new fall line! Seriously, there were amazing products and I could have spent many paychecks in the one visit….like seriously! But as always, I had to limit my spending, and just get a few things. But I […]

Mother’s Day Quote Printable

  I can’t stop thinking about Mother’s Day lately. Do you ever think that Mom’s are just not appreciated enough? I really think that Mother’s day should be a quarterly thing. Why just once a year? I may start a petition! But I know at my house I will be putting up signs, reminders, and anything […]


(Download the 12×12 here) My friend posted this quote on Facebook the other day, and I had to make a printable of it!! It’s going up in my new craft space to remind me that I am intelligent…just a different form of it!!!

Blogging Organization

I’m on an organization kick. I am trying to purge things around the house, organize the piles of endless toys, throw out old dishes/cookware that I don’t use, and most of all ORGANIZE THE BLOG! It really is crazy how time can get away from you and the next thing you know, your week is […]