St Patrick’s Day Specimen Art

Do you remember my Christmas Specimen Art? Well as soon as it was time to take it down, I started planning my next one. I was so excited about the idea I had for St Patrick’s Day that I completely skipped over the other holidays/seasons in between! Oh well! You can download my Cricut Craft […]

St Patrick’s Day Mini Stacker

I shared how to make the big 12 inch Shamrock from Fab Décor, and today I get to share what I did with my Mini Stacker that you could also win. I got the pieces of wood and the vinyl words from Melissa, who also gave me some extra shamrocks to use throughout the words […]

{Giveaway} I’m Feelin’ Lucky Door-hanger

I’m really excited about St Patty’s day this year. The kids will really be able to get into it now that they are older, and they are already asking to go on hunts for a Leprechaun! So when I started to put up décor for St Patrick’s day yesterday, they both jumped for joy! It […]

LUCK Bursts

It’s not often that I am speechless. Just absolutely don’t have an answer to a comment, question, or statement. But today when my little 2 year old asked me “What’s ‘luck’?” I really didn’t know how to explain it to a two year old.  Lesson learned, don’t involve the kids in crafts they wont understand!!(any suggestions […]