Weekly Craft Day – Wooden letters/sayings DIY

I love these wooden letters as decoration around the house. They are so cute and you can personalize your house so much with different sayings! Look at this cute “Joy” saying that I found on etsy Price: $24.00 But there is NO way that I would spend $24 for 3 wooden letters. I have found […]

Get a “new” fridge without buying a new one!

Slowly but surely our house is becoming what I want it to be! And I mean S..L..O..W..L..Y! We just don’t have the money for everything that I wish we could have. I am constantly telling Sean that we NEED a new fridge. I’m not sure what color our was originally. Cause right now it is […]

Trendy Fingerless Gloves DIY for CHEAP!

Have you been seeing these Fingerless Gloves all over the place like I have? I made myself a few pairs last year. I love them! sWeeT cHarLi has a fabulous tutorial on how to make them from socks. Yes, all you need is a pair of socks and you can have these fabulous gloves! Grab […]

DIY Dollar Store Chandelier

I have been slowly trying to re-do our Master Bedroom. it is nothing more than a bed and two mis-matched dressers right now, but slowly I am getting new pieces to add into it. I want it to be a relaxing place, instead of the “only enter to change clothes and fall asleep” space that […]