Quarantine Shirts How-to Tutorial

These DIY Quarantine Shirts are such a fun way to show off the chaos in your life. They come together quickly with the help of your Cricut Cutting Machine.

When the whole world shut down, I never in a million years thought that it would last this long. I made these shirts for myself back at the beginning and thought that they would be more of a memorabilia type item, to remind me of “that one time” but turns out they are something that is still happening. They have turned into a silly shirt to wear that ring true the days I wear them!

DIY Quarantine Shirts

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DIY Quarantine Shirts

These were a fun one to make in Cricut Design Space. To make the “It’s All Messy” shirt, it is 100% designed inside the Cricut Design Space program. It was fun to use the arch setting and then weld it all together.

Want to make your own “It’s All Messy” shirt, just click HERE to be taken to the file inside Cricut Design Space.

The QUARANTINE 2020 shirt is designed by me. You can download the png image to upload into Design Space by clicking HERE.

How to make an Iron-On Shirt

Cutting iron-on vinyl with a Cricut Maker

Whichever design you are using, cut it out of Iron-On material with MIRROR ON setting turned on.

Mirror image with iron-on vinyl

Next weed out all of the excess material. Use some of the fabulous Cricut weeding tools to make this a whole lot easier. The tweezers are my favorite for grabbing the little center pieces inside letters.

Finding Center with Iron-On Vinyl

Before ironing the image onto the shirt, I like to find center on both items. To do this, I fold the image in half (non sticky sides together) and put a crease down the middle. I then fold the shirt in half and iron for about 5 seconds creating another crease. Then I can match up the crease in both things to make sure my image will be centered in the shirt.

Once you are ready to iron on the vinyl, follow the Heat Guide for your Easy Press. It will tell you how long to iron it and also what temp to use as well!

Quarantine Shirts

Peel back the plastic backing to reveal your new shirt!!!

DIY Quarantine Shirt how-to tutorial

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