Fall Decor with Cricut Maker

Cricut maker has some new tools, and they can be used to create some amazing fall decor. Follow these step by step instructions to make your own.


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This week the weather made a turn toward Fall and I can’t say that I am mad at mother nature for it! There’s been a few rain showers, there’s a crisp in the air, and even been a bit of dew on the ground in the mornings.

The other day I even got a chance to wear one of my new sweatshirts because I was cold. It may have been because the AC was still running, but I’m gonna just call it a win anyway!

Fall decor ideas

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As the cooler weather hits, I get excited for all the textures that come with Fall. The sweater throws, layers of pillows, plush pumpkins and wood stained decor. These are all pieces that speak to my heart and I couldn’t wait to get them all out and displayed in my house….so I didn’t!

I pulled out all of my decor and realized I had a few empty spaces in my decorations so I took that chance to play with some of my new Cricut Maker tools and created some new items for the front living room Fall decor.

Fall decor made with Cricut maker

For these projects I am using 2 of the new Circuit Maker tools; the engraving tool and the fine tip debossing tool. Both of these are part of the Makers quickswap toolset which means one main housing and you just switch out the tips.

DIY Engraved Metal Sign

Fall sign engraved with cricut maker

The first project I made was a metal framed sign. This one was so amazing to watch because it engraves into the metal, yet it is so smooth. It creates the design like butter.

I created a “welcome FALL” sign with a leaf wreath design around it. You can use this exact same design by going here.

Fall sign engraved with cricut maker

I used the 8×8 aluminum sheets from cricut and put them on a strong grip mat. Because it was a brand new mat I didn’t have any concerns with the metal slipping. If it was a mat that had lost some grip I would tape down the 4 sides to prevent the metal from moving at all.

Once the metal was done being engraved by the Cricut Maker, I made a simple frame to go around it. The frame was 1 1/2 inches deep and 1/2 inched thick.

Creating a fall decor with cricut maker

I want to be able to use the same frame and switch out metal designs for the seasons. So instead of permanently attaching the metal to the frame, I just used some tape to stick it to the back.

It was a quick and easy decor piece, and I love how it turned out.

welcome Fall engraving, cricut maker

But have you ever tried to take a picture of metal? It’s definitely not easy!! haha

welcome Fall engraving, cricut maker

The framed metal is up on my living room shelf, and below it I created a leaf banner to swoop from hook to hook.

DIY faux leather banner

I planned on creating the banner out of cricut’s faux leather sheets, but knew that I wanted them to be a little extra. I’m obsessed with how it turned out after I used the fine tip debossing tool on the faux leather. Guys, I picked different designs for each leaf shape, and they all turned out darling.

debossing faux leather

I did 4 different leaves, and had 2 cut out of each color of leather. Once the leaves were debossed and cut, I used a nail to put a hole into each one so that we could string it onto some twine.

To put the hole in, I used a nail and hammer, and put a block of wood under the leaf.

putting a hole in leather

To string the leaves, I got a large needle and strung the twine through the eye. Then I put it through each hole twice to hold the leaf in place. This way it wouldn’t slide from side to side on the string.

stringing leather leaves into a banner

It’s done once all of the leaves are strung onto the twine. It’s that simple.

DIY Fall banner

I’m loving the deep colors for fall. Neutrals mixed with jewel tones, and of course a bunch of orange in there too!!

What are your favorite colors to use when decorating for fall?

Fall decor made with Cricut maker

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