Glittered Faux Wreath – Fall decor

DIY glittered faux wreath - all for just $5!

I have to admit, I don’t have many fall decorations. I’ve been the type to jump straight from Halloween to Christmas. This year I am really looking forward to fall, and I’m excited to decorate for it. I wanted a fun statement piece for the decor, so I came up with this faux wreath and I’m in love with it. The perfect balance between rustic, natural and glam! What girl doesn’t love throwing some glitter in when possible?

Oh, that reminds me, I have another glitter tactic post coming your way on Thursday!!!

So, my local wood craft store used to carry these staggered wood plaques that I really wanted for this project. Unfortunately when I went to buy one, they told me that they are no longer making it. So I hauled the two kids out to Home Depot and purchased 2 .75×2 boards that were each 4 feet long. Then the fantabulous Home Depot guy cut each one into 12 inch increments. Don’t you love those guys and how helpful they are!!!

DIY glittered faux wreath - all for just $5!

When I got home, I really wanted to give it a little more character. So I sanded down some of the sides to be more uneven. I also took a knife to a few sides to give a few dents/groves. Then, I couldn’t figure out how to connect all of them together and keep it still lightweight. So, I came to the perfect conclusion; cardboard and hot glue! Ok, maybe not the best DIY idea, but it totally worked!!

DIY glittered faux wreath - all for just $5!

I used this image from Angie Makes and uploaded it into Cricut design space. I cut it out of vinyl to create a stencil for the faux wreath. I centered it on the wood, and then put on two coats of cream colored paint. Once the second coat was dry, I then put one more coat on just a few of the leaves and then poured gold glitter over the top. I let it dry a bit and then pulled the whole stencil off of the board.

DIY glittered faux wreath - all for just $5!

I love the look of just having a few of them being glittery. It’s subtle and elegant. 

DIY glittered faux wreath - all for just $5!


PS – Did you hear that the cricut explore now has the print & cut feature? HOLY CRAP, I’ve waited so long for this!

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  1. I LOVE how this turned out! I’m totally gonna do something similar! Thanks lady!

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