Teacher Appreciation Bulletin Board

This year I was in charge of the bulletin board for Will’s classroom during Teacher Appreciation Week. It was a short notice thing, so Will and I quickly sat down and got to work on a plan. I am lucky enough to have my family as obsessed with tacos as I am, so I was happy when that was Will’s suggestion. A Taco Board! YES PLEASE!

Taco 'bout a great teacher, teacher appreciation board with Cricut

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I used my Cricut which made the whole project so much easier. I was able to do the whole project from start to finish in just about 2 hours!!

Wanna make yours just like ours? These are the supplies I used

  • 12×12 cardstock in deep yellow x5
  • 12×12 cardstock in bright green x4
  • 12×12 cardstock in bright red x2
  • 12×12 cardstock in bright yellow x1
  • 12×12 cardstock in a grayish-brown x1
  • 12×12 cardstock in bright orange x1
  • 12×12 cardstock in bright blue x2

I bought all of my paper on sale at JoAnn for $.20 a piece, so the whole project was so inexpensive.

While I was cutting I forgot to switch the setting for my thicker red paper, so it didn’t cut as cleanly and fully as usual (my bad). Wanna know a great tip for getting the little extra fuzzies off of your card-stock when you make that mistake like me?

Eliminate the paper fuzzies to create a clean cut

I use the soft side of an emery board (the white side, not the brown side) and gentle rub the little pieces off the cuts. See the difference?!

Also, in case you haven’t heard the tip on curled paper?

You need to turn your mat upside down and curl the mat away from your paper instead of pulling your paper away from the mat. See the difference in the curl between the two pieces in the picture below?

keep your paper from curling when removing it from a Cricut mat

We used this Taco image from Cricut and cut it at 11 inches wide. I also used these words for the board. They fit just perfectly on a standard vertical school bulletin board.

teacher appreciation bulletin board

The school covers all of the bulletin boards with a blue fabric. I wasn’t a huge fan of the coloring for our bulletin board, but that’s fine. It still turned out super cute and Will was happy as could be.

Oh yeah, and I also forgot the baggie with the brown (hamburger?) for the taco. So we just did without them!

What have you done for your teacher appreciation week?

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