My Favorite Swim Suits for 2019

Swim Suit Season is coming up quick, and I’m not sure how many people are “excited”. But I can say I am excited for warm days at the lake, or reading books beside the pool as the kids play! So of course, if I’m gonna do all that, I might as well be in a super cute suit while I’m at it!!! So I figured that while I was on the lookout for a darling suit, I would share some of my favorites with you. Most, if not all, are included in Amazon Prime which means free shipping and possible free returns if the size doesn’t work out!!!

My Favorite Swim Suits

Disclaimer, I have not personally tried these suits. They are just ones I love and have favorable reviews!


2019 women swim suit

I love this multi patterned one piece. From the customer photos, it looks like its got some good tush coverage as well!

Black Ruffle Swim Suit

I love this black ruffle suit. Reviews say that it doesn’t show much bust which is a major plus! And the back has the ruffle all the way around a scoop back!

High Waisted Floral Tankini

I have this same high waisted tankini but in a different color way. This one is new, and may need to make an appearance in my wardrobe.

One shoulder ruffle swim suit

This one shoulder ruffle suit comes in so many different colors. And look at the leg shape. It is recommended in the reviews to size up on this one. So keep that in mind!

Off the shoulder ruched swim suit

I love the ruching on this suit. They have multiple patterns as well. The sleeves can go off the shoulder or act as shoulder straps as well.

Floral Scallop Swim Suit

This Floral Scalloped Swimsuit doesn’t have many reviews, but the ones that it does have speak very well of the suit. I love the color and pattern on this one.

Blue Striped High Neck Swim Suit

I love the high neck on this suit, and it has a cute lace up back detail as well. It has good reviews, and is under $20!!

Lace Up Side Swimsuit

This black swimsuit has a darling lace up detail on the sides. The only negative is because a wrong size was shipped. 

rash guard swimsuit

I love the pattern mixing in this Rash Guard swimsuit.  I would think that the shape of the pattern would be pretty flattering!

Floral Swimsuit

This ruched floral swimsuit is darling. Reviews are showing that you may need to be a little more busty for this one or else the top might be a little saggy.

blue line

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