Countdown Chain for Summer Break- Free Printable File

Download, Print and Cut this fun Countdown Chain that will help your kids know how many days are left until Summer Break!

Summer Break Countdown Printable Chain

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With May just around the corner, literally like 2 days away, we are coming up on the end of the school year!!!! I can already hear the Summer sleep in angels singing, can’t you?! I am so excited for the fun adventures, late nights and most of all the warm weather.

The kids are just as excited as I am, and I can’t even remember how many times the kids have asked how many days left until Summer Break…unfortunately that started when we had about 100 days left of school!!! But now that we are down to the last month, we can start with the COUNTDOWN CHAIN!

days until summer break printable


days until summer break printable chain


Download the free document and then print out the countdown chain. Then cut out each of the day strips using the paper cutter or if you are super talented, in a straight line with scissors!

countdown chain for summer break

Once the strips are cut out, tape day 30 together with tape. Then look day 29 through day 30 and tape it into place. Continue on to day 28, looping through 29 and so on and so forth….I think you get the picture. All the way til “It’s Summer Break”!

Summer Break Countdown Chain

If you want to make your own last day loop, or add more than 30 to the chain, there are a few extra blank ones!

Countdown to Summer Break

Our school gets out on June 2, so we can officially start pulling off links on May 2nd. It’s going to be what they do right after school!!!

countdown chain for summer break

How many days do your kids have left til Summer Break?

countdown chain for summer break


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  1. Love this idea! My kids will be so excited!

  2. Renee Snyder says

    Thank you for the printables. Where can I find numbers 6 -10?

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