Dining Room Makeover with Frog Tape

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You guys, about 2 months ago I got a new dinning room table…….YES!!! We were given a hand me down for our first house when we got married and that thing has since seen better days in our 8 years of marriage. I found the table that I really wanted, and it was going to be in a hUgE sale but with limited quantity. I waited in line for the store to open (both kids in tow) for hours and was lucky enough to get one, even though I was like 300 people back in line. Dinning room makeover

We got the table into our dinning room (yay for free delivery/setup!!) and I decided that our room officially looked SAD. There was no color, no decor, nothing in it. I needed to fix that, PRONTO!! So when I was given the opportunity to write a post for FrogTape® brand painter’s tape, I KNEW I had to give this room a makeover. I couldn’t look at that drab room any longer. Taping off with Frog Tape I found the most perfect yellow. It’s bright but still a cheery color. It’s not too “in your face” as some yellows I was considering. So I taped off the base boards, using the FrogTape® Multi-Surface, the side walls and taped all the way around the pantry door.  trimming out a room with Frog Tape I found that the easiest way to get a straight tape is to do it in smaller sections. There’s no way I could get it all set straight with a 10 foot piece of tape!! So I pull off about 3 foot strips of tape and place them on the baseboard, flush against the wall. Then the next piece will overlap about 1/4 inch. After everything was taped off, I used my Purdy brush to trim out the wall. the angle on the brush made it easy to get right up to the FrogTape and create a nice clean line once the tape was removed. painting a wall Then using a my paint roller I finished painting the whole wall. Yellow Painted Wall All in all, the whole thing (taping included) took me under 45 minutes!!!  paint lines using frog tape Before the paint is dry (I waited about 30 minutes after completing the painting), pull the FrogTape off the wall. I started at the first section of tape that I put on; that way it would pull up the second section that was laid on top of it. And now LOOK at that amazing line. This is in between the pantry and the right wall.  New Dining Room Paint and Decor Next I got to decorate the wall!!! This was fun to bring in some of my color ideas that I had envisioned for the room. I ordered a print from Modify Ink and framed it in an antique white frame. I LOVED the wood and color clock. Like HELLO, speaking to my heart!!! And the little box was totally fun to have with the yellow showing thru the slats and be able to decorate it with a few smaller items. The framed mirror really has helped lighten up the room as it bounces it around from the kitchen window. I loved mixing in the metal with the & sign, and one of my very favorite art pieces in my house is the little flower with the blue bursting from behind the petals. flower burst with pop of color small crate on wall I LOVE the new look my dining room gives off. The mood in their is so much brighter and happier.  dining room makeover reveal FrogTape® is a premier painters tape, that not only cleanly comes off of surfaces, but also prevents paint bleed thanks to it’s patented PaintBlock® Technology. If you need a painting job done right, you want to use FrogTape®.

FrogTape® Multi-Surface is a medium adhesion painter’s tape designed for use on: • Cured Painted Walls • Wood Trim • Glass • Metal

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And if you need painting inspiration, check out the FrogTape® painting inspiration.

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  1. What an amazing transformation! What a fun happy color to have on your walls. And, I’m amazed at how crisp that paint line is, where the tape came up from!

  2. That yellow is so bright and cheery! I love good color in a room 😀

  3. That’s sunny yellow is lovely – just right on the one wall. Sets off all your beautiful art work beautifully.

  4. What a fun bright color!

  5. Frog tape is the best! Cute yellow!

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