Don’t Eat Peep Easter Printable Game

Printable Don’t Eat Peep game is gonna be a hit with the kids and their friends! These games will be helpful at your school party or even a game as a family!

Easter Don't Eat Peep Printable Game for kids

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Supplies needed:


  1. Just download the free printable game from a Colored Printer on a  heavy cardstock paper. I find these hold up better with the kids than a typical printer paper would.
  2. I usually have kids play in groups of 2-4. More than that the kids will get antsy and it’s too loud for the game.
  3. Prep the game by placing one candy on each of the 9 squares.
  4. Have one kid who is “it” step out of the room (out of sight and ear shot) and the other remaining kids will pick one leprechaun to be “Pete”.
  5. Then have “it” child come back in the room. Their objective is to eat the most amount of candy (isn’t that every kids objective in life!) without picking “Pete”. They will one by one pick up a candy from a square and eat it. When they grab the candy off of “Pete” all the other kids will yell “DON’T EAT PETE” and their turn is over. 
  6. Pick a new child to be it and start over again!

Easter Don't Eat Peep Printable Game for kids


Do you have a child that will love playing this game of Easter Don’t Eat Pete?


Cardstock Paper Color Printer M&Ms


these organization ideas are so clever. Most of them I never would have thought of on my own. I'm doing #9 for sure.

I'm definitely using this cute printable for our next neighborhood block party. What a cute and easy idea

This is such a fun idea for an Easter or Spring party. Use the free printable provided to create a face on the pudding cups, and put the ears on toothpicks to put in the top!

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  1. trying to get the dont eat Peep even after providing my email

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