How to organize Legos

How to organize your legos

I don’t think there’s any better feeling as a mom than watching your kids use their imagination. They can do that playing dress up, creating music, or building new and unrecognizable things. Watching my two kids play either together or just by themselves is such a blessing. Knowing that they, for a short time each day, can be whatever/whoever they want is amazing. They have dreams, passions and interest that blow my mind and that are completely achievable in their lifetime. 

I’ve been trying to get them toys and other items that help with that.  

When I told William he could get a new toy a few weeks ago, I had no doubt what he would pick, and I was right. He’s a boy after his fathers heart with their love of legos! He was so excited to buy another collection to add to his ever growing pile. And although I have a love/hate relationship with 

Dear Monday, go step on a lego 

on a sale of 1 to stepping on a lego, how much pain are you in?

There are 3 levels of pain; pain, excruciating pain, and stepping on a lego 

Anyone else agree with these? So although we love legos, and are continuously accumulating more, I have had to set boundaries on when and where the legos are allowed. Along with my tips, I’ve rounded up some other fabulous lego containment and organization ideas. 

store legos in a large tub under the bed

 We store all of our legos under the kids’ bunk bed in a large tub. Although they are all different sets, we keep them together. Most of them are in baggies for their coordinating sets, but all the “extras” are left out in the tub. Each bag has the booklets and instructions incase Will wants to build exactly what was intended.

using a large tub to play and organize legos

Also, when he plays, he needs to keep all of them inside the tub, and use the lid as his building platform. That way we can easily pick up the lid and dump them back into the tub when he’s finished. Easy pickup and I won’t have to worry about that horrible “stepping on a lego pain”!

A perfect way to organize Legos

This is a fabulous organization idea from Kids Activities Blog. I love the use of the shoe organizer and how you can separate them into colors. 

DIY Lego Table

And this idea on how to create a table plus basket to store them in from Fussy Monkey Business is so fun and creative. I’ve seen a ton of these tables on craigslist lately, and now I may just snag one up!

DIY Lego mat

And I’ve got this lego play mat on my “to make list”. I really want it so that it can give William a bigger playing area for his legos, but still provide a quick 

Organize your lego instruction books

And for all of those Lego booklets that come with each of your sets, this idea from 4 Misters and their Sister is the perfect way to keep them all clean and organized!!


Did anyone else get an obnoxious amount of legos for Christmas?

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  1. Absolutely love the idea for instructions! Sometimes the most obvious solutions are next to impossible to see & that has been a source of stress for me every time I end up with a stack of booklets my son insists on keeping “just in case”. Hoarder in the making? I sometimes wonder. But I’m hoping that teaching him some organization early on will nip that pitfall. It’s difficult when I get stumped on solutions though. Thanks for sharing!

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