Freezer Meal inventory printable

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Freezer dinner inventory printable

I’m getting a great stock of freezer dinners ready for when we are in a rush and I don’t have time to prep dinner. But the one things that I’m the most worried about is forgetting those few meals that have been pushed to the back, on the bottom of the pile or in the outside freezer and just slipped my mind. So I came up with the perfect solution; a cute checklist that I can have on my fridge to remind me of what I have on stock!

Freezer dinner inventory printable

I can list the items I have and the number of that item. Putting the date is one of the most important things, because you can’t leave a meal in there forever! Once I use one of the meals, I just check it off so I can keep track of what I have.  I also color coordinated my frozen dinners by complete meals and also ones that I need other ingredients. Like my sloppy joes I need buns, spaghetti sauce I need the noodles (YES, IGNORE MY HUGE SPELLING ERROR IN MY PHOTO!)

Freezer dinner inventory printable

It’s the best way to get my inventory flowing well, and save ourselves from running through the drive thru as much as we got used to when I didn’t want to prep a full meal. Also included in the free printable in just a freezer inventory sheet. This can be used to track all the things you stock up on; butter, corn, popsicles and more!

I’ve been using the Sharpie pens that I got at Walgreens to keep my sheets updated. These pens are amazing, have you used them yet? They come in a variety of colors, which makes them the perfect pen to organize anything and everything in your life. They have the same bold, smooth, high-quality writing experience of the Sharpie marker with the performance of a pen that doesn’t bleed through paper, and they are refillable too!

FREE printable freezer inventory lists

How do you stay organized?


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  1. This is fantastic, Vanesssa! No more mystery dinners sitting at the back of the freezer for months!

  2. Oh my goodness, you couldn’t have offered this at a better time! I so need to organize the black hole that is my freezer. Maybe I’ll splurge on some new Sharpies as motivation? 😀

  3. This is great!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great idea! I can certainly use this printable! My freezer is the black hole, what goes in, usually comes out 6 months later and all of it goes in the garbage. So glad I won’t be wasting food anymore!

  5. I had a friend tell me that her freezer is the black hole where food goes to die haha. I will share this with her.


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