DIY t-shirt “I’m so tired”

DIY t-shirt tutorial IM SO TIRED

Do you remember when I posted this picture on IG? I fell in love with the statement on this shirt, but I had found it at a little boutique and it was $48. Seriously, $48 is way too much for this stay at home mommy. So of course I left with the intention of making my own! It only took 3 months to actually do it. I posted the shirt on IG as soon as it was done, and people loved it. I even had a few ask me to make them some. I feel like it explains most Mom’s lives!


I got myself a grey t-shirt at Target on sale for just $7. These are my favorite t-shirts, so I may have them in every color in my closest!! Once you’ve picked your base shirt, it’s time to do the design. Using my Cricut Explore machine and Cricut Design Space I cut out iron on vinyl. I’ve saved the file, so all you have to do is push cut!! Go here to get the file

I cut the So in a different color, but of course you can cut them all using the same color of iron on vinyl. When you are cutting the iron on vinyl, make sure that you put the shiny side down on the mat and click the mirror image box before cutting.

DIY t-shirt tutorial

Lay all of the words out so that you know the placement is correct. Then do one word at a time. Place the vinyl in place, and then put a thin piece of fabric or a washcloth on top. Iron in place using a high head iron; use a little pressure and hold the iron in place for about 20-30 seconds then move to another section of the vinyl until it is all attached to the shirt. If there is a spot that didn’t attach to the shirt, replace the plastic covering and cloth and iron again.

DIY t-shirt tutorial

I did the black wording first, and once they were done I then ironed on the yellow.

DIY t-shirt tutorial

I seriously am in LOVE with this shirt, and have made myself a second one so that I can wear it more than once a week but not have to wear a smelly one!

DIY t-shirt tutorial

 Want one of your own? I promise you don’t have to pay $48 for it. I made this for under $10!!!! 

What saying would you put on your next shirt?

If you would like to use this saying but paint the saying on it instead? Here’s a link to a stencil cut on Cricut Design Space instead, and just cut it using freezer paper, iron it onto the shirt using medium/high heat and paint using fabric paint. Once slightly dry, peel off the freezer paper to reveal your saying. But make sure to put a piece of cardboard in between the shirt to avoid the paint leaking.

*This project is being submitted as part of a Cricut blogger competition. I have not been compensated for the post but could win $$ because of how awesome it is!


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  1. Well, you look good–I’d never guess you’re tired 🙂

  2. oh no! i hope no one is selling that tee for $48, they are only $24, or at least should be 🙁

  3. What is the name of this shirt? Which Vee style?

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