Back to School party

Back to School party ideas and free printables

My kids go to school in 1 week. Seriously you guys, how in the world did that happen? I can’t even believe that they are that old. So today we planned to have all their friends over for one last shabang before school starts. I can’t wait to share all the aspects of it with you, because if you have a few hours to spare, you can throw this party together too. All you need is a printer, paper, a few fun snacks and some craft supplies that you can pick up for super cheap.

Back to School party ideas

Each of the kids got to make their own t-shirts. These were so easy and the kids absolutely LOVE them.

Back to School party ideas

I used my cricut explore to cut out freezer paper in each of the kids’ initials. I then ironed them onto the shirt using a high heat iron for about 5 seconds. Then each kid picked their favorite color of fabric spray paint to use on their shirt and then they helped the adults spray it all over the front of their shirt. To keep the paint from bleeding thru to the back, We used a piece of cardboard in the shirt.

Back to School party ideas

Then we laid them out to dry and started the festivities!

Back to School party ideas Back to School party ideas

We started out by having the kids play sac races. These sacs are so cute because they are numbered 1-4 and in bright colors. My kids love picking the sac with their age on it. The kids had so much fun racing and it was a good way to get some energy out.

Back to School party ideas

They also played Simon Says. Because what child doesn’t rock that game?!

Back to School party ideas

Then it was time to eat. This was the best part. A bunch of the kids will be riding the bus to school for the very first time, so I made a lot of this being bus themed. I’ve been talking to William about what happens on the bus and what to do when he gets to school and the right things to do while riding the bus. So creating fun bus themed signs made him excited all over again to talk to his friends about the bus.

 Back to School party ideas Back to School party ideas

We ate Bagel Bites and taquitos which together make a dang cute and yummy bus on your plate! Not only were these perfect for the party, but they will be awesome for a quick lunch when the kids get home for school, or an afternoon snack. They are quick and easy to make so there’s not a whole lot of planning needed. And the Bagel Bites are even made with real cheese, homemade sauce and have 0g trans fat.

the wheels on the bus printable sign

The drinks we had were “bus fuel” which was just a berry punch mixed with sprite. Always delicious and a huge hit with the kids. I created a printable bus sign that you can put on the front of your pitcher or drink dispenser. For the drink stand I covered a box with construction paper and cut out a few shapes to create a bus.

Back to School party ideas

Back to School party ideas

 And of course I made apple cups. Because isn’t that the one thing you think of the most when you think of back to school?! The leaves are available in the party printable pack download at the bottom of the post. I just used some red cups, black bendy straws and then punched a hole in the leaf to put the straw thru.

Free printable leaves for your straws to make an apple cup for back to school party Free printable leaves for your straws to make an apple cup for back to school party

I decorated behind the food table with an ABC banner, and had 2 different signs placed on small clipboards. The banner and the signs are all available in the printable pack as well.

Back to School party ideas the wheels on the bus printable sign

By the time everyone was done eating, their shirts were dry and they were so excited to put them on.

Back to School party ideas Back to School party ideas

We pulled off the freezer paper to reveal their initials. The uniqueness of each one is so fun. 

Back to School party ideas

Gracie keeps calling it her “Pink G’s shirt”

Back to School party ideas

 This is Gracie and her best friend wearing their new shirts. They are both so excited to be in pre-school this year!

give the gift of sanitizer for back to school give the gift of sanitizer for back to school

At the end, I sent each child home with a gift to give their teachers next week when they go to school. This is such a fun and easy way to help support your child’s teacher. I once again used my cricut explore to write and cut out the signs in the shape of a door hanger. If you want to cut your own, just go to this URL and click cut. It really is that easy!!! The possibilities are endless with what paper and pen combos you use!

Back to School party ideas and free printables


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