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WIW Modest Mommy Monday | www.OurThriftyIdeas.com #WIW #fashion #clothing

I have a new obsession….and yes it’s an obsession. My mail man even asked if I’ve found a new hobby because he’s delivering so many more packages to our house! Have you heard of Instagram shopping before? People have accounts just to sell their pre-owned or new clothing for cheap! I’ve bought clothes for both me and the kids from instagram. Most of the time all you need is a paypal account and a few $$$.

Today I thought I’d share a cute shirt that I got from an Instagram shop. I think I paid $7 to have it shipped right to my door, and it even still had the tag on it. The fun floral print shirt is from Forever 21, and would have cost double or even triple that if I had bought it in store…if I even had one close enough to me!

WIW Modest Mommy Monday | www.OurThriftyIdeas.com #WIW #fashion #clothing


But the best part of the whole outfit is my new necklace & earrings. My hubby gave them to me for Christmas. He’s so great at picking out jewelry. He gives me something about once a year. This is one of my favorites because it’s so versatile. It has blue, turquoise and even a mint green color to it.

I shared more about the jewelry on this instagram post

  • Boots – Kmart ($20)
  • Black Pants – Walmart ($13)
  • Floral shirt – Instagram find (originally from Forever 21) ($7)
  • Green jacket – thrifted (originally from Buckle) ($12)
  • Jewelry – Lucky brand from Macys (gifted)

PS, I didn’t need to be wearing a jacket with this outfit, but its so dang cute I couldn’t resist.

Is is jacket, coat, or just huddle down and never come out weather where you are?

blue line


  1. I love the floral top, but it all looks great together!

  2. I love the combo of everything together – it looks awesome Vanessa!

  3. Give me those boots!! I really love the top too. I think we should go shopping together!

  4. You look so cute! Love this post so much.

  5. Love that combo together! I want one of those jackets when Toasty is out

  6. Hey Hot Mama! You look FABULOUS with a capital F! And cheers to putting together a great outfit for very little cost. Feels like I haven’t seen you in forever! I miss your face and hope you are doing well.

  7. You look GREAT!!! Love your shirt.

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