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Back To School Pictures with

You guys, I officially feel old. Now don’t hate me for saying that, but seriously…my kids are growing up and it makes me super duper sad. I kinda want to cry looking at how big they are.

Back To School Pictures with

And on Monday, we started PreSchool. It has been so much fun, and challenging at the same time. Neither child has gone to school before, so they are in the same place that way. But they are definitely still 22 months apart, so the attention span is so different. It’s been a challenge to find things to keep Baby Girl’s attention the whole time.

Anyway, enough about that, today I’m just here to show how dang cute they were on their first day of school. Because Cute kids is better than me talking, right?

Back To School Pictures with Back To School Pictures with Back To School Pictures with Back To School Pictures with Back To School Pictures with

PS, the cute printable we used for pictures is from The Crafting Chicks. Thanks to them for being on top of things for the mom like me who just got home from vacation but still wanted to do cute pictures!

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  1. Love that printable. Your kids look so much like sean!

  2. WoW! What adorable kids you have!! I miss them!

  3. awww cute

  4. what cute little ones! I love the photos!

  5. Great photo shoot and cute kiddos!

  6. Your kids are so cute!!! Love the printable.

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