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I still get comments on my post about Baby Girl Barker’s section of the kids’ room, and the other day I got an email asking how it has changed since she is no longer a “baby” and moved up to the toddler stage. So today I thought I would share with you the transition to toddlerhood with her. It’s been hard, and it’s still ongoing , but we’ve found a few tricks that I definitely think are share worthy!

Add a Rolled Up Blanket under the fitted sheet to keep your child from rolling out of bed at night

First of all, we have taken the side off her crib, making it a toddler bed. But it didn’t take very many nights before we realized she was a real roller. She fell out of bed on a regular basis, and often times would just get out of bed, and sleep on the floor, to avoid the fall to the ground in the middle of the night. So my amazing husband went in one night after she had fallen, and rolled up a baby blanket, then stuck in between the fitted sheet and the mattress. Seriously, how smart! She hasn’t fallen out of bed since, because there’s a small cushion to keep her in bed now.


Another change is that although she was still taking a bottle, she was only on one at night. This was the only time that she would take one, and she was amazing at falling asleep. She would stick that bottle in her mouth, and fall right to sleep most night! But she’s almost 2 years old, and she was overfilling her diaper each night…like beyond full. She would wake up soaked in the morning, and all of her bedding needed to be washed. 

Target GoodNight Bed Mats & Bedtime Underwear

To this, we found multiple solutions, which together has eliminated a BUNCH of laundry! First of all is GoodNite’s bed mats. These things are AMAZING. They are super absorbent and help when her diaper will fail her. Because she is not yet potty trained (we are really working on that) I can’t trust a nighttime diaper for the explosion of her bladder most nights, because it truly is like cups of water dump into her bed! They hold quite a bit, but apparently she’s got extraordinary holding powers! But these Bed Mats have been a lifesaver. They may not keep her clothes and her dry, but they keep all of her bedding from being soaked along with her. I really can not say enough great things about them! And we will continue to use them while potty training, because, if she is anything like her brother, she will have a hard time learning the night time routine and will wet the bed from time to time.

Target GoodNight Bed Mats & Bedtime Underwear

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We also have weened her off of the bottle. Although it’s been HORRIBLE, and she screams herself to sleep most night’s now, it has definitely helped with the amount of pee in the bed! Don’t get me wrong, she is still wet when she gets up, but it is so much better than when she was on a bottle.

from Baby to Toddler Bedroom Decor at

We also took down a few of the decor items. The small glitter frames were too tempting for her to play with. She would pull them off the wall and glitter ended up everywhere!! We also took down the scrap fabric chandelier once she was tall enough to reach it. Safety first, right?!


What are some tips YOU would share as we transition into toddlerhood?!

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  1. What a great product those bed mats are. I wish they had those when my son was little. Brilliant!!

  2. Such a pretty bedroom and transition to a toddler room. My youngest is 8 but I do have a 6 month old nephew. I’ll be passing along the info about the GoodNites bed mats to her for future reference.

  3. Harmony B says

    Another great idea to make a “bumper” for the bed is to cut a pool noodle in half and place it under the sheets

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