Wreath Idea for Summer

Summer Wreath Idea

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I posted on facebook a while back about these fun “summer” wood letters from Pick Your Plum. I was so excited when I got them, and had some scrap wood sitting around so I jumped right on putting it together. 

Summer Wreath Idea

I cut the wood into an arrow shape and stained it, painted the letters then hot glued them onto the board (PS, today one of the letters fell off, I think it might get too hot on the front door!).

Summer Wreath Idea

I had the wreath already on my door, with the fun flowers on it. To get them to stay, I just wove the stems into the wood. So to hold the sign, I put the corners behind the flowers and stems to hold it in place.

Summer Wreath Idea

The colors make me so happy! I smile every time I walk up to the door!!!


What do you have on your front door right now?


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  1. So cute!! I love this wreath! Pinned.

  2. ooh I have a lot of that stuff laying around I think I need a cute summer wreath too

  3. So cute Vanessa!

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