Early Father’s Day Dinner – with a Smart Camera

*Our Amazing Father’s Day Dinner pictures are sponsored by Collective Bias and Samsung.

 A Family Dinner with Samsung WB200 #SocialCamera

Tonight we had an early Father’s Day celebration. We decided that because we were spending the night together as just our little family, that we would have a special Daddy dinner, give him his present early, and do what he loves best; grill out and play sports!

I am so excited to share with you this week all the aspects of our evening. From recipes, to craft/decor ideas and even the cute things we all wore as part of Modest Mommy Monday tomorrow.

 A Family Dinner with Samsung WB200 #SocialCamera

One of the best parts of the evening was that once the food was made, I got to sit back and watch my family play. There’s not much better than watching my kids play with their dad. They LAUGH. He can get them to laugh over the smallest things, and laugh until they have tears streaming. Although my kids are happy, not everyone can get that true happiness from them.


I loved that I got to take fun pictures of them interacting and make a memory to last forever. I used my new Samsung WB200 smart camera which is the #socialcamera of all social cameras!

Samsung WB200 #socialcamera

View more photos of our shopping trip to get his amazing camera here.

 A Family Dinner with Samsung WB200 #SocialCamera

This Wi-Fi camera lets me upload my favorite pictures straight from the camera to Facebook, from the convenience of my backyard. I didn’t even have to put them on my computer to upload. Oh, and my favorite (because I’m obsessed with Instagram…don’t you know?!) I can connect my camera and my phone via WiFi and it lets me view all the photos on the camera. Then upload them straight from the camera to my phone, and instantly upload it to instagram. Um, YES PLEASE!!

 A Family Dinner with Samsung WB200 #SocialCamera

I can also use my phone as the viewfinder. That means I connect via Wi-Fi and use my phone to take the picture from the camera!

A Family Dinner with Samsung WB200 #SocialCamera

I used this camera to take the videos I shared in my Toddler Night Game post. Did you see how great the quality was in the videos? And I could use my camera to upload the videos straight to YouTube from the camera…seriously, could life get any easier?

Samsung’s Facebook and Twitter are great places to get updates about products like this #socialCamera and other fun products.


Now stay tuned all week where I share all the fun tutorials, recipes, and pictures of what we used for our Early Father’s Day dinner. Oh, and coming soon as well, a quick and easy camera cover tutorial. Because you MUST protect a little beauty like this new camera.


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  1. The cell phone as a remote trigger is pretty cool!

  2. Those are great pictures – Im going to check out that camera!

  3. What a fun camera! And so smart! It is amazing how far technology has come!

  4. It is SO amazing to me that you can use your phone as a remote shutter with this camera.

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