{Sewing Tutorial} Milk Maid Dress

This post was previously posted on I Heart Naptime on 7/10/13 Both myself and my Baby Girl Barker could live in dresses during the hot months. But my she loves them for more than me, because they make her “beautiful”! She loves to twirl and dance in them and so we have to make sure […]

{Tutorial} Fabric Ribbon Hair Bows

Baby Girl Barker loves having bows in her hair. She always asks for certain ones, and I love when I can make her a new one that she is excited to wear. Who knew that my little girl would be so picky already?! But I made her these scrap ribbon ones and she immediately made […]

{Tutorial} Sparkly Stir Sticks made with American Crafts Glitter

*This post uses and is sponsored by American Crafts One of my favorite parts of summer is all the fun and festive drinks. But most of those drinks are “mixes”. Meaning it is a whole bunch of different flavors put into one. So it’s important to either get it mixed really well, or provide a […]

{Sewing Tutorial} Herringbone Duvet Cover

 Tutorial originally posted on The Ribbon Retreat blog. So a few months ago, I saw a baby blanket that was a herringbone pattern and fell in love. I saw it on my friend Erika’s blog and I knew that I wanted it for my master bed, and was determined to teach myself how to make […]