{Recipe} Candy Corn Cupcakes

We’ve been having some fun around these parts with Halloween coming up. Making decorations, incorporating it into Homeschooling and of course, cooking! William has been loving candy corn since he first spotted them in stores. I may be a little overwhelmed, because he’s so great at sharing and insists I have some every time he […]

{Recipe} Seasoned Potato Wedges

I am a side dish snob. I usually pay more attention to what side dishes are going to go with a meal, than I do the main dish. Sometimes it’s nothing real big; just corn or sliced up fresh veggies. But other times it’s side dishes that take a long time to prepare. My favorite side […]

{Recipe} Party Pleasing Potato Salad

I’m so excited that today we are sharing all sorts of fun ideas for your party. Today I am sharing my go to party food Whenever someone asks me to bring a side, I automatically go to my potato salad recipe. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser. People are even requesting it now when I come […]

{Roundup} Summer Muffins

I LOVE a light and fresh breakfast during the summer. There’s not much better than a fruit bowl, a muffin, and some scrambled eggs. I could probably eat that for breakfast every morning if the kiddos let me. So today I thought I would share some awesome muffin recipes that would be perfect to try […]