Child to Cherish Handprint Ornament

Some families have the fancy decorated trees with matchy ornaments and are symmetrical from all angles. Not my family! Growing up my family started a fun tradition that I have loved so much that I have kept the tradition with my family. We each get a personalized ornament each year and that becomes our ornament […]

Rice Krispies Surprise Pumpkin Treats

Halloween Rice Krispies made even better shaped as a pumpkin and with a hidden candy bar inside! At our house, Rice Krispies Treats are almost considered a staple. Healthy..not quite, but definitely on the delicious side of things! But when I was contacted by Rice Krispies to show you guys this new take on the treat, I […]

Learn from my mistake

Ok, if you ever think “that wont happen to me”, then STOP. I’ve thought that my kids are good, that being a renter wouldn’t be that bad, because we haven’t really done too much to hurt the deposit….. Until last week! Ok, here it is. Ya ready for this? I made the mistake of using […]

Kids Craft Table from Wood Pallet

A HUGE welcome to all the new followers and those who are here for the first time from Studio 5. Today I’m starting to share my fun pallet tutorials, and you can check back throughout the week for more! I’m officially obsessed with finding new things to make out of pallets. It really is so […]