Clean Your Microwave with NO Chemicals

So I have a confession to make…when my family makes a mess, I am great at “putting it off” until Kids are in bed or I just get around to it. So about a week ago, we had a HUGE chili disaster in the microwave as I was trying to reheat a bowl. Well, I […]

A Craft Room – Or at least my version of it!

Can I explain how happy I am that I now have a craft room? Ok, well it’s not a room. More of a nook, hole in the wall (literally) space. But hey, at least it’s a place that is MINE, all mine. And I can do with it what I want, I can escape to […]

Organize Your Cords

Do you follow me on Instagram yet? You can get tons of inside scoop and fun family photos over there. A couple of months ago, I saw how Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything organized her cords, and I fell in love. But then, I forgot about it. The other day, I pulled out an […]

1 1/2 hours was SO WORTH IT!

Yesterday, both of my kids went down for a nap. WHAT? That never happens. It was pure bliss. I could do what ever I wanted. I could have ran around my house naked, drinking Dr Pepper and eating candy without a care in the world. But, I didn’t! Instead I decided to finally organize my […]