Child to Cherish Handprint Ornament

Some families have the fancy decorated trees with matchy ornaments and are symmetrical from all angles. Not my family! Growing up my family started a fun tradition that I have loved so much that I have kept the tradition with my family. We each get a personalized ornament each year and that becomes our ornament […]

Christmas Tree Specimen Art

I’m getting so excited for Christmas. And although we haven’t gone all out with putting the tree up yet, I am slowly spreading the joy with my crafts! This specimen art is perfect to bring a little cheer to a small space or a small area on the wall. You could even add it into […]

DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping

Small gifts can be hard to wrap, unless you have this gift wrapping idea!! Do you ever have small gifts that you give but can’t figure out how to wrap it? Whether it be a gift card, a necklace, money, or even candy as a party favor it can be hard to find a cute […]

What can you make with a toilet paper roll?

I’ve seen some fun projects lately made from toilet paper rolls. I started telling my husband to save them a couple months ago, and we accumulated a grocery bag full of them. So I finally decided it was time to do something with them. This couldn’t have come at a better time, because one night […]