Wall Mounted Faux Flower Garden

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How to make a wall mounted faux flower garden

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There are some spots in my house that are over flowing with amazing decor. Stuff I’ve brought from our old house and more that I’ve purchased since moving in. Then, there’s other spots that are completely neglected and BARE. We have a few stairs going from the dining room down into the family room and that whole wall/space has nothing hung on it, not a single piece of decor. So this last month I decided to focus on finding items to fill the space that made it happy, welcoming and above all else, colorful! 

I made/found/bought the “hello” and the spring brick sign and loved them both, but neither of which completely filled the space nor did it bring the color I wanted. Then I cam across this succulent wall from Pottery Barn and my heart fell in love! And then my wallet started aching because I saw the price….$269. WHAT? That’s ok, I didn’t need it anyway especially because it wasn’t going to bring in the color I wanted. I spent DAYS dreaming of that succulent wall and trying to justify why I needed it in my life. Finally I decided that I would figure out a way to make one for myself but make it more fitting for my space by using flowers instead of the succulents. NOW I’M IN LOVE!

How to make a wall mounted faux flower garden

Flower Garden Supplies:

To start I cut all of the flowers off of their big long stems. Some would pull off easily and others I needed to use wire cutters to get them off. Make sure none of the flower stems are longer than 1/2 inch, since that’s the depth of your foam and you don’t want them sticking out the back. Also I picked my favorite leaf of all of them (each flower had it’s own kind of leaf) and decided to use the same one throughout the whole project.

Next I laid them out in bunches of what I thought looked well by one another, and kinda figured out my placement. Where I would put multiples of the same flower, which would be individual and then figured out the best placement for big vs small flowers!

How to make a wall mounted faux flower garden

Once I got a basic idea of where I wanted to place everything, I started adhering it to the foam board. I started in a corner, and worked my way down the board and worked from right to left. That way once I ran out of flowers I wouldn’t have like a big blank area in the middle or bottom of the board!

To adhere the flowers in place, I got a bit of hot glue and put it on the stem of the flower. Then holding the petals, I pushed the flower into the foam, right along the edge of the foam creating a little overhang, and held it in place for a minute so the glue could harden. Then continue on with the next flower! Repeat Repeat Repeat until all the flowers have been placed! Then cut off the excess foam board that is not filled with flowers, getting as close to the flower stem as possible. A little overhang on the side is great to make it look like the other side!

I used a 1×2 piece of wood to make my frame to the exact measurements of the board. You can use a pre-made frame as well, just make sure the opening of the frame is the same as your board length/width. I then placed the board inside the frame from the front so that petals would overhang the front. I then flipped the whole thing upside down and did a bead of hot glue along the entire thing, adhering the board to the frame. This will keep the foam from falling out once it’s placed on the wall.

How to make a wall mounted faux flower garden

I used some Velcro Command Strips to hang it up on my wall, making it easy to remove but also keeping it from going crooked like it would if it was just hung on a nail.

I think this definitely completes the space on our stairs, and I’m IN LOVE with how it turned out. I may have plans to make another one, on a much bigger scale for Gracie’s room in the future!

How to make a wall mounted faux flower garden

What color scheme would you use for your flowers?

How to make a wall mounted faux flower garden

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