Unexpected Reasons to Rent Your Furniture

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Unexpected reasons to rent your furniture instead of buying it

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With just moving and relocating quite a distance (from one end of the state to the other!) I have a DEEP appreciation for those who are professional movers. It is no easy task. I packed our house all by ourselves, moved, and unpacked into the new house. Well, lets be honest, I’m still not completely unpacked after 2 months of being in the new house. Little knickknacks now don’t have a place, or I just haven’t decided where it needs to go. Also, even though the house is almost double the size of our last, I don’t seem to have somewhere to put a lot of things. 

Living Room Makeover

So as you walk into my house it looks super put together. I have the furniture that we moved from the old house that fits into our front sitting room. I actually get quite a few compliments on how “darling” the house looks when people come to visit. They then walk past the front sitting room and into my kitchen. It took a few weeks, but we finally got that situated as well.

Kitchen Makeover

BUT, don’t turn around from my kitchen…..it is NOT A PRETTY SIGHT. We don’t have any furniture! We have a large 500 sq ft Family Room that was a large selling point of the house. I was excited to have a room that the family could gather, play games, have movie nights and entertain. But as of right now all we have in the room is the mattress from our murphy bed and a TV on a TV stand. Oh, and a few of the boxes that I haven’t unpacked yet!

You see, I’m one who likes to change things in my house on a regular basis, so deciding on something so “permanent” that I will probably want to change in a few months is HARD! It’s also hard to talk my hubby into it too. Then I heard about CORT Furniture Rental and knew I had to find out more.

CORT is a furniture rental company that is the leading company in the nation, but not only that, also provides rental services to 80 different countries. Thinking about it, there’s so many reasons that you would want to rent your furniture instead of buying it. I thought I would list a few that you may not think of!

Temporary Home Decor (cause you change your mind like me!)

I’ve kinda explained this above, but I know that I’m not the only one who loves to decorate a whole room, then in a few months has a change of style opinion and wants something completely different. 

Unexpected Visitors

We know that living with Mom and Dad isn’t always the dream, and Mom and Dad will be the first to admit that having you come live with them isn’t ideal…but sometimes life happens and this is a situation that’s quite common. But I’ll bet mom and dad don’t have your childhood room still. So the perfect solution, instead of buying all new furniture (when hopefully you won’t be there long) is to rent the needed furniture. You can rent the whole room, or just the few pieces that are needed.

Also, sometimes you have friends or family who come to visit for the Summer or just a few weeks. If this is the case make sure to rent some furniture and make them feel at home. Forget the pull out couch bed, create a home away from home for them to feel comfortable and welcome in!

Going away for school

Whether you are a newly 18 year old HS graduate and just heading off to college for the first time, or you are moving your whole family to a new location for school, it can be hard and not financially feasible to furnish your whole house/apartment/dorm. And even if you may be able to afford purchasing the furniture, think about when it’s time to move BACK THOSE 12,000 miles…you’ll have to move all of that furniture that far. SO NOT WORTH IT!

Work Relocation

Do you know someone who was sent on a 3 month “mission” to a new location for work? Maybe a struggling branch needs some extra TLC and you are the man for the job. Well, you aren’t gonna buy furniture to go in the place you are staying for just 90 days are you? And when you are renting a “furnished” apartment, the place just never really feels like home. You feel like a guest in someone else’s house. But what if you can rent furniture for just those 3 months and it’s stuff you pick out, you love, and feels like home!

Military Relocations

When you are in the military, relocations and moving is very common, and it’s usually not a small distance either. This is pretty much a mixture of all the above reasons to rent, you might have a short period of time in one place, you don’t want to move all the large furniture over a great distance, you may have more people or less (depending on if family is relocating with you) and more. Having that feeling of home can be really important, so being able to rent furniture and having it set up for you to move straight into can be a great comfort.  

What other reasons can you think of to rent your furniture instead of buying it?

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