The Gift Giver – A Beautiful Holiday Book

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Reading for Christmas

One of my favorite traditions of the holiday season is pulling all of our Christmas story books out and laying them under the Christmas tree for story time each night. Each day before heading to bed, each kid gets to pick a holiday book to read before heading to sleep. I was so excited when we got The Gift Giver in the mail because I immediately knew if would be a favorite of mine, and the kids were just as impressed as I was. Not only do we love a good story about Santa but even better when it talks about the true meaning of Christmas.

The Gift Giver book
The book tells a beautiful story about a man known as Santa Claus (maybe you’ve heard of him!) and how he came to be. He tells a story to a little boy in the book, explaining the how he became what he is today. How he started because of his love for serving and giving to others while seeing the joy it brought to them.

Talking about the book, the developers said “What we really hope to accomplish with The Gift Giver is to help families teach their children the true meaning of Christmas without taking away from the “magic and wonder” of the holiday, and to do it in a fun and enticing way.”

reading stories together for Christmas

I have read this book so many times to the kids as part of our story time, and I love that they are now telling other people about “the real reason we have Santa and Christmas”.  

This is a book that I HIGHLY recommend for your holiday stash. It’s the perfect way to get your kids to understand “the true meaning of Christmas” as well as bring a yearly reminder to your home. 

And right now, all profits from the 8.5×8.5 paperback book are being donated to The Nazarne Fund by Mercury One. So not only will you get the brilliant book, but the profits are going towards a great cause.

Purchase the book on their website or on Amazon (you know that’s my favorite place to shop, right?!)

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