Beach Themed Toddler Memory Game Printable

Beach Themed Printable Memory Game

Is your family headed to the beach this Summer? It’s a dream of my kids, and I know we’ll be at the lake’s beach a ton. Hopefully we can find a time to go to the ocean soon and show my kids what REAL snorkeling and beautiful fish looks like. 

I created this fun beach themed Memory game for my 3 year old and she has been playing it non stop ever since. She loves telling me what animal she’s turning over. She barely even cares if it’s a match or not; she just loves all the sea animals.

supplies for toddler memory - beach theme

Printable Memory Game:

toddler beach themed memory

Download and print out the game cards. Cut out each of the memory cards right along the colored border. They measure 2″x2″. Then cut colored card stock out in 2 1/2″x2 1/2″ squares. 

memory printable

Put adhesive on the back of each of the white cards and adhere them onto one of the orange squares.

beach memory game

Now the game cards are ready to be played!! Lay each card face down and let the kids take turns turning over 2 at a time trying to find a match.

I hope your little ones love this beach themed game as much as mine did. It’s a fun way for them to get excited about a trip, learn their animals or even just practice using their memory!

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  1. This is so fun! My 5 year old would love this!

  2. I am tending my nieces and nephew next week and I’m going to use some of these great ideas! Thanks!

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