Advantages of teaching baby sign language

When I first had William I loved that I lived close to family and could have them help watch him while I went back to work. It was great to have people available that I trusted and knew well; who were so willing to love on my child when I couldn’t. But there was one very unexpected thing that happened because of it. You see Sean’s sister is deaf; and although she can read lips of adults, knowing what young children are saying is hard. I mean come on, most of the time I didn’t even know what he was trying to communicate to me. So to my surprise, he started to pick up signs from when he was with her. From a young age, he could tell me he wanted a bottle, he wanted more food, he wanted Mom and more. It was great that he could tell me what he wanted instead of the normal cry fest he usually had until I figured out what he wanted.

So when I had Gracie, we started even younger with teaching her the basics. We had a lot fewer meltdowns. It was like night and day difference from how William acted. I now catch myself signing to all toddlers while I talk without even realizing it. And I love that my kids will still sign things across the room to me. I can be on the phone and Gracie will sign “more” over and over and over but it wont get annoying! lol

Have you tried teaching your kids to sign? If you have toddlers or about to have a baby, you’ve got to check out signing time. I promise you wont regret it. 

Check out this infographic that shows the best reasons to teach baby sign language

 baby sign language infographic

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  1. I took ASL classes at BYU and looooved it. My mom also learned how to sign when she was a Special Ed teacher. We’ve talked often about introducing sign language to my 6 month old, but didn’t know if it mattered/if it would work. This sold me on the idea, going to look into it now, thanks!!!

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