{Project Life} The Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy Layout with Project Life Midnight edition

Ok, so it’s only taken me a month and a half to get his 4 year birthday pictures in the books. But when I saw the Midnight Edition of Project Life I KNEW that I needed to use it for his 4th Birthday pictures. When The Little Man woke up the day after I had scrapbooked his pictures, he got so excited that he asked if he could go back to bed so that I could make another one for his to look at when he woke up.

It was fun to measure & weigh him and make note of it in the book. I’ve decided that I am going to do a progress page for both kids each 6 months, so that I can see how much they are growing, and also look back on it in the future. They are changing so quickly, that I don’t want to forget it all. He has already grown an inch (in a month and a half) from when we measured him on his birthday.

Birthday Boy Layout with Project Life Midnight edition


Taking his pictures was so fun this year. He wanted to bring his 2 favorite toys, so Red Dragon and T-Rex came with…and got their picture taken as well. Don’t you love the picture of his T-Rex face, with his T-Rex.

Birthday Boy Layout with Project Life Midnight edition

I loved coming up with all of the fun things to write about him for his 4 year page, they were just a small highlight:

  • Hiked Zion for his 4th Birthday
  • BLUE!
  • Learned to swim on his own
  • Wore his green flip flops for 2 months straight (no joke, he even wore them to church)

it was so fun to take Gracie with us to take the pictures. She made him laugh, taught him how to pose from behind the counter, and then he helped her thru the water, and I died of cuteness!!!

Birthday Boy Layout with Project Life Midnight edition


I just bought another Project Life Kit, and can’t wait to get Halloween pictures printed and in the book.


What’s your favorite Project Life kit?


blue line


  1. I love Project Life! It seriously makes scrapbooking so simple. (There were a lot of S’s in that sentence.)

  2. I really need to get on the project life bandwagon, I always love every post I see with them. Great job!

  3. I’m with jenn. I need to get into this a little more. They are so cute.

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