{Crafting w/ kids} Paper Bag Monsters

Paper Bag Monsters made by your kids

We’ve been doing Halloween crafts and themed activities for a few week already. The second Will saw it in the stores, he started asking for it at home. Today I’m sharing a fun one, and probably both kids’ favorite so far. They had a BLAST making it, and even more fun playing with them since.

Paper Bag Monsters made by your kids

It was so fun to get all of our random art supplies out, spread them across the table and let them have free reign on what their monster looked like. Gracie’s is the one with the colored hair, mine in the middle and William’s has a million eyeballs!!! He just kept going and going and going.

Paper Bag Monsters made by your kids

He also cut out all of the teeth; he was so proud of himself.

Paper Bag Monsters made by your kids

The hair was fun to make. We either used colored crafting sticks, or twisted pipe cleaners.

Paper Bag Monsters made by your kids

This was also a great way to talk to the kids about how Monsters can be silly and fun and not just scary. Have you had to have the “nice monsters” talk with your kids?

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  1. My kids would have a great time making these- time to dig around our art bins to make sure I have all the supplies!!

  2. These are so fun what a great project to do with the little guys! pinning

  3. Vanessa I love these. I’m tending my nephew for a week next month and this a perfect thing he and I can make together. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is so much fun! My kids will love this, thanks for sharing

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