{Tutorial} Framed Feather Art

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Framed Feather Decor from OurThriftyIdeas.com

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It’s been crazy trying to decorate a whole new house, as it took over 2 years to get things how I liked them in the last place. But already there’s little details I have incorporated in this new place, that I love so much. Today I am sharing how I livened up my bedside table. When we moved, one of the big decor pieces from this table broke (enter sad meltdown, a slight argument with the hubby, and maybe even a cold shoulder to those helping us move). But I quickly slowly got over it, and decided that I needed to just find something new and fun to replace it.

I had this inexpensive frame from IKEA, and when I saw the feathers for just $1 (after coupon, of course!) at Michaels I knew immediately that they would look fantastic with the new yellow, blue and grey color scheme of our Master Bedroom.

I cut a background piece of paper to the size of the frame opening. Then first laid the feathers on the glass in the position I wanted them, layered the background paper, and then closed up the back. It really was that super simple and looks so cute sitting with my other items atop my bedside table!

Framed Feather Decor from OurThriftyIdeas.com.

It is such a simple way to decorate, but makes a great POP for a small space.


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  1. This is absolutely darling! I vote we get a tour of your house. Yes, a tour!

  2. Cute idea! Love the colors!

  3. Super cute! I love how simple this is, and I loved your color scheme.

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