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Today I decided to make a new pillow for our master bedroom. I’m having so much fun coming up with new ones to make to fill up my bed, and the kids are loving that they have so many to hide behind now!! I can’t wait to share the master bedroom reveal with you…but unfortunately, I have to. We are moving on Monday, and so the reveal will need to wait until we are in the new house! But until then, I will continue to share sneak peeks on instagram, and tutorials here on the blog.

Envelope Pillow Tutorial from OurThriftyIdeas.com

I am currently re-doing my master bedroom color scheme and decor, and in the process I am making new pillows for my bed, because you can never have too many pillows on your bed!

Today’s pillow tutorial is super simple. I got it done in less than 30 minutes, and it makes such a great impact for being so simple.

 Envelope Pillow Tutorial from OurThriftyIdeas.com

I found this cute fabric at my local Bennion Crafts store. I love that it’s not just a typical chevron, but has the accents with the dots.

This is for an 18 inch pillow, but if you are doing a different size, just adjust the measurements accordingly. 

Cut your fabric to 19×19 and 19×24 inches. This will allow for seams and also give your pillow a snug fit.

Then cut your 24 inch piece in half, making two 19×12 inch pieces. From there you are going to hem one side of the 12 inch pieces (pictured below)

Envelope Pillow Tutorial from OurThriftyIdeas.com


After your 2 sides are hemmed, lay your 19×19 piece on the ground facing up. Lay each 12 inch section on top, right sides facing down, with the seam in the middle. They will overlap creating the “envelope” fold of your pillow.

Envelope Pillow Tutorial from OurThriftyIdeas.com

Then sew around all 4 edges with with a straight stitch and a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Once it is all sewn, trim off the excess fabric from all sides.

Now all you need to do is turn the pillow case right side out and stuff with your pillow!

Envelope Pillow Tutorial from OurThriftyIdeas.com


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  1. Love that fabric!

  2. Awesome tutorial :)! im going to sew some pillow covers this weekend so this will come in handy… cute fabric too!

  3. How many yards did you buy for the 18×18 pillow?

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