3D Patriotic Framed Art

3D Patriotic Framed Art


I got a fun box of American Craft’s Glitter Products in the mail, and I seriously went into giddy school girl mode. What crafter doesn’t squeal a little when she sees a bag full of sparkle?! My bag had patriotic themed paper, glitter glue, TONS of glitter, and possibly the coolest product ever, glitter tape {plus even more}!

3D Patriotic Framed Art

It’s an adhesive tape on one side, and glitter “ribbon” looking stuff on the outside. It made this project so super quick and easy. Probably 5 minutes from start to finish. 


I got a cream 8×10 frame, and cut an all white piece of paper to size. I then put the glitter tape in random (not even, but kinda close) spots on the paper. I started with a thick blue in the center, and then the skinny red on the sides. I liked the diagonal direction so that it didn’t look like a typical flag. 

3D Patriotic Framed Art

Once the stripes were on, I used the glitter thickers for a “USA” in two places, and put one of the folded paper stars next to it.

I love the dimension and texture but most of all, of course the GLITTER!

3D Patriotic Framed Art

blue line


  1. That’s adorable Vanessa! I love the ease of it. Anyone could quickly whip that up and look like a Crafting Genius! I love those projects! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Super cute!!!!

  3. I love this! I’m normally not a fan of the red/white/blue combo but this looks so classy!

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