1 1/2 hours was SO WORTH IT!

Our Thrifty Ideas- Paper Organization Ideas

Yesterday, both of my kids went down for a nap. WHAT? That never happens. It was pure bliss. I could do what ever I wanted. I could have ran around my house naked, drinking Dr Pepper and eating candy without a care in the world. But, I didn’t! Instead I decided to finally organize my paper. My mad, chaos, piles of junk. Or at least what I thought was junk. Most of this paper I hadn’t even looked at in well over a year. To tell you the truth, I was scared of it.
Our Thrifty Ideas- Paper Organization Ideas
At one time it was organized, but then I lost my paper to the hall closet and it wasn’t worth spending the time to get in there and keep it organized. Instead I would open the door, throw it onto the pile, and close the door as fast as I could before the kids got to it.

Our Thrifty Ideas- Paper Organization Ideas
So I spent 1 1/2 hours sorting out the half sheets, the ugly paper (seriously, what was I thinking?) and then color coordinating them into the order of the rainbow. Once I had them all organized, I put them back onto my wire shelf that Sean bought me a few years back. (you can buy them online here) This rack is awesome. Instead of using it for squares, I used excess sides, and made shelves using zip ties.
Our Thrifty Ideas- Paper Organization Ideas

I had extra space at the top, because organized paper takes up way less space than organized paper, so I used my Ikea containers to hold embellishments and they can sit on the top shelf.

Our Thrifty Ideas- Paper Organization Ideas
I also got these fun colored and patterned magazine boxes at Target in t he $1 section last week. So I used one for my vinyl, one for my fun inspirational magazines, and one of them for my pads of colored paper.

I’m loving that I can now easily find my paper, and it wont take an extra 5-10 minutes to do a project just because I have to dig thru a pile just to find a red piece of paper!


Next up, organizing the drawers in that stand next to the paper….yuck!

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  1. Vanessa thanks so much for sharing this. I have so much paper but have trouble organizing it. I have those exact same wire shelves. I just now to get me some zip ties. Yea! Thanks for the inspiration. I need to run to the target $ spot and see if they have any more of those magazine holders.

  2. Great job! I color coordinate my paper too, but never in order of the rainbow, that’s awesome

  3. Fantastic! I will be tackling this soon. Great job and thanks for the inspiration!

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